Monday, January 28, 2013

New Lions Year

The first of July started the new Lions year for 
and the 
We had a great year last year and plan to have an even better year this year.
This club has served the City of Newport News
for 80 years, since 1933. 

Lion Linda Gregory - President / District 24-D GMT Leader
Lion Jim Gregory - Secretary / District 24-D GLT Leader
Lion Ray Duke - Vice President / District 24-D & State Parliamentarian
Lion Ray Braguglia - Treasurer / District 24-D, Zone C Pediavision Chair
Lion Eddie Falkner - 2 Year Director
Lion Barbara Duke -1 Year Director / District 24-D Environmental Chair
Lion Earl Arrowood - Membership
Lion Ralph Simmons - Lion Tamer
Lion Scott Brawley - Leo Chair
Lion Rose Mary Torres - Sight and Hearing Co-Chair
Lion Luis Torres - Sight and Hearing Co-Chair
Lion Kevin Prussia - Our newest Lion

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Albino Lion

Mark Your Calendars!
 Lions First Annual Craft Fair and Flea Market at Langley Speedway is coming on Saturday, March 30, 2013!  Watch for more information in the next few weeks!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NN Host Happenings in September

According to statistics released by the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), there are 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the US alone. The number is actually higher, because the NCCS only counted organizations that raised in excess of $25,000, so small clubs, like ours, are not reflected in their total. That means that an amazing number of people belong to, work for and/or support “charities” in America.
      So why join the Lions Club instead of one of the other worthwhile organizations? What sets us apart from everyone else? Several things, actually, including:
·      We are the largest service organization in the world with over 1.35 million members around the globe
·      We are effective. We get the job done. Internationally, we have:
·   worked to eradicate river blindness and fought to treat and minimize eye disease and vision impairment
·   consistently been among the first to respond when disaster strikes
·   through LCIF provided more than US$700,000,000 in grants in the past 43 years
·      We are local, with international affiliation. So, while we can act locally as a single club to address a particular need in our community, we can also act globally when the need for international action is appropriate.
·      We have a multi-pronged focus on our world. We are involved in health care, youth, the environment, international relationships, education, and assisting those affected by disaster.
All of these (and others) make us unique. So, the next time you put on your club shirt and pin your Lions Club pin on your lapel, do so with pride. Lions are a special group of people. Our motto is “We Serve”….and we do!

September was busy. This month we:
·Held our dinner meeting on September 5 at Angelo’s. Lion Brock Robertson from the York Lions Club provided a very informative program on Pin Trading. Hopefully, we are all a little more enlightened about this fun hobby.
  • Had a fundraiser on September 17 at Denbigh Days.  Admittedly, it was not as profitable as we all hoped (we only made $80), and we got a lot wetter than anyone was wishing for, but it was still fun to be out with our club. 
  • Held our Board meeting at the home of Lions Ray and Barbara Duke. We had a great dinner and discussed upcoming business, including a White Cane scheduled for next month. Thank you Lions Ray and Barbara for hosting the meeting and feeding us!
  • Participated with the Denbigh Lions Club in its efforts to screen all Head Start children in the city. Four of our club members logged in 31 hours over a six-day span.  Thanks Lion Ray B. for organizing this effort for us, and thanks Lion Ray B., Lion Barbara, and Lion Earl for supporting the club by participating.
  • Had our third Traveling Leo of this Lions’ year when four of us (Lions Ray B., Scott, Jim and I) traveled to the Suffolk Lions Club, where we had a wonderful dinner!
  • Had our fourth Traveling Leo of the year when four of us (Lions Scott, Earl, Jim and me) traveled to the Portsmouth Lions Club. Again, a great dinner and a lot of fun.  If you have not been participating in our Traveling Leos, please consider doing so. It would be better for the club to have more people involved and learning from other clubs. 

Remember-be proud of being a Lion. Tell someone else about our club and invite them to have dinner with us. None of us would be a Lion today if someone had not invited us!

              Lion Linda Gregory
              President, Newport News Lions Club

October Traveling Leos 

The Gloucester Lion's Club has invited us to attend their meeting on 13 October. The Gloucester Lion's Club meets at the Courthouse Restaurant in Gloucester. The address is 6714 Main Street. The cost for the meal is $12.00. Add another $2 if you want dessert. I am thinking about arranging a Traveling Leo with the Cape Charles Lions Club for 19 October. I would like everyone's feedback on who is willing and able to make the long trip to Cape Charles.  

The minimum number for Traveling Leos to count for points is three people.  If we send four or more people, we get an extra point. We will get two extra points if we make the trip to Cape Charles.  If anyone can make any of these visits, please let me know. I will release more details as I get them. 
            20 September - Suffolk Lions
27 September - Portsmouth Host Lions  
            13 October – Gloucester Lions
            19 October - Cape Charles
 Have a great weekend.
Lion Scott Brawley

Global Leadership Team (GLT)
The new GLT provides a concentrated focus on active leadership development. Beginning this year, the GLT will encourage the identification and development of leaders at all levels of the association, while providing valuable information, guidance and motivation. Through representation at the district and MD levels - and by including DG teams - the GLT structure provides a global platform to develop more qualified leaders from the club level up, and encourages regional training and development to meet local needs.

Lion Jim Gregory of our club is our Global Leadership Team Leader and for District 24-D. This is a 3 Year Appointment.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From The Editor

Lion Linda Gregory

Lions has been a little easier. No leading any more. It feels great. Although, I had some problems and didn't get my newsletter out, I was able to do a few things.
Our new officers were elected. Lion Linda Gregory is our new President. Linda has a real heart for service and I truly believe that she will do an outstanding job this coming year. She was my secretary the past 2 years and we worked well together.
She was always there when I needed help. She is a dear friend and a lovely woman. She has been and will continue to be a true asset to our club.

Lion Linda is fortunate to have her husband to be her secretary this coming year. Lion Jimmy Gregory has such a heart for service. He is also serving on the District Lions Leadership Team for Training over the next 3 years. He is a very good speaker and I am sure that his chairmanship of this Committee will  increase the status of our Lions District.

Lion Ray Braguglia
Lion Jimmy Gregory
Lion Ray Braguglia is our new Treasurer. He took over last year when our treasurer resigned. Lion Ray is also our Pediavision point person and is our Zone Pediavision Spokesperson. We all served at Patrick Henry Mall on August 6 & 7 to screen children with the Pediavision. It is such an awesome tool to use to make sure that children don't enter
school with vision problems. Our thanks go out to Lion Ray for his heart for service.  He seems to be there whenever there is anything needed, we are so fortunate to have him in our club. His wife, Lion Kay, helped with Pediavision in the Mall. I hope someone got some pictures. I lost the batter recharger to my camera. I find that if I take pictures on my cellphone, I tend to over fill the phone.
Lion Earl Arrowood 

Lion Earl Arrowood is our Membership Chairman this year.
He will be on the lookout for new members. We have decided that every member of the club is on the Membership Committee. We will all be on the lookout for new members. I am sure that we will be installing new members soon. Lion Earl doesn't take anything lightly. To be a Lion you must have a heart for service. Lion Earl has a big one. If you or someone you know would like to be a Lion, comment on this blog and we will give you information about a club in your area.

Lion Ralph Simmons
Lion Ralph Simmons will be serving as our Lion Tamer again this year. He does a very good job at making sure that we have all the Lions paraphenalia that we need for each meeting. He has the added duty of bringing the District 24-D Leo Trophy to the meetings. We appreciate him so much. He shows up for our projects whenever he is not working. We are so glad to have him on our team.

Lion Ray Duke
Lion Ray Duke is continuing in his position as Tail Twister. He has been having a good time with it. He is also our Club Parliamentarian. He was the District Parliamentarian for 10 years, but is not on the Cabinet this year. He is still serving as the State of Virginia Lions Parliamentarian and has served in that position for about 10 years also. He is very knowledgeable in Parliamentary Procedures and is a well-respected member of the Professional Registered Parliamentarians of the National Association of Parliamentarians. He is also the NAP State Secretary for this next two years.

Lion Scott Brawley
Lions Scott Brawley and Eddie Falkner are our Directors.
Lion Kay Braguglia is helping out with our projects and gave us a program on Food Safety. I cannot find pictures for Lions Kay and Eddie.

As for myself, Lion Barbara Duke, I am working on this blog and getting a newsletter set up. It feels great not to be in charge. Now if I can just get the newsletter done.
 We will be having our next Board Meeting at the Lions Medical Eye Bank at Norfolk Sentara. If you are interested in coming to see what Lions are  doing for others in this area, please leave a comment. If you are a Lion already, please subscribe to this blog for automatic updates.

Monday, August 8, 2011

President - Lion Linda Gregory's July Message

Lion Linda K. Gregory
Another Lion's year has begun!  These are exciting times for me as I begin my first term as the President of our club. It is my hope that each of you are as excited as I am and are looking forward to this next chapter in the life of our Lions Club.

My goals for this year are simple. I would like for us to be an active presence in our community, making a real difference in our part of the world. I would like for our club to be such an example of Lionism in Newport News that we attract new members, which enables us to make an even greater impact upon our city. And I'd like for us to have so much fun while we serve that our joy is contagious!

On Monday, July 4, we met for our regular dinner meeting night. Rather than meeting at Angelo's, however, we decided to have a cookout.  It was wonderful idea!  The food was great, the conversation was interesting and, best of all, the rain held off long enough for dinner to be eaten!  Eventually we were forced inside by the weather, where our club officers for this year were installed. Many thanks to Lion Ray Duke for the wonderful installation service.

The next few months will be busy ones for our club. On August 6 and 7 we will hold a PediaVision screening at Patrick Henry Mall. In September we will participate in Denbigh Day. On October 22 we will hold a White Cane at Harris Teeter on Warwick Blvd.  Busy months, indeed!

I am looking forward to this adventure with you.

Linda Gregory

President, Newport News Lions Club 2011-2012

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Barbecue at the Braguglia's to start off the New Lions Year!

Lion President Linda Gregory
The first dinner meeting was held at the home of Lions Ray and Kay Braguglia's. The meeting started around 4 p.m. so if anyone wanted to go see fireworks later, it would be fine. Angelo's was closed for the holiday. There were hamburgers and hotdogs cooked on the grill. There was potato chips and salad, sauerkraut, baked beans, chocolate dessert, lots of cupcakes and ice cream. About the time everyone was finished eating, we had to jump up, pick up everything, and head for the house. The thunder and lightning was rolling in. There were about 7 guests, and we had a lovely time.
Lion Ray Duke
We had our Installation of Officers in the house. Lion Ray Duke officiated the proceedings.

Lion Ray Installing Lion Linda
 as our 79th President

Newport News Host Lions Club
New Officers for 2011-2012
Lion Linda Gregory - President
Lion Jimmy Gregory - Secretary
Lion Ray Braguglia - Treasurer
Vacant - Vice President
Lion Eddie Faulkner - 1 Year Director       
Lion Scott Brawley - 2 Year Director
Lion Ralph Simmons - Lion Tamer
Lion Secretary Jimmy Gregory
Lion Ray Duke - Tail Twister
Lion Earl Arrowood - Membership
Lion Barbara Duke - Immediate Past President 
Lions Linda & Jim Gregory - Lions Ray & Kay Braguglia - Sight & Hearing
Lion Barbara Duke - Newsletter, Blog, Environmental Chair
All Members - Ways and Means

Lion Earl Arrowood

Lion Tamer Ralph Simmons

Lion Treasurer Ray Braguglia
Lion Linda presenting Certificate to
Terry & Danny Adkins for donating
Items for our Yard Sale.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last Board Meeting of Lions Year 2010-2011

The last 2010-2011 Board Meeting was held at the home of Lions Ray and Kay Braguglia. Dinner served was excellent. Rice w/barley, Chicken Cordon-Bleu, and Brocolli. Desert was individual Cherry Pies with vanilla ice cream.

The budget was approved for the coming year.

Since the last Board Meeting, we have been very busy.

  • White Cane at Harris Teeter Grocery Store and collected over $400 for our Charity Fund.
  • Yard sale at the Duke Home that made $328 for the Charity Fund with $140 in Broom Sales.

We spent a lot of time planning the coming year. Ideas for Membership, projects, and fund raisers.
Lion Ray Duke turned in his Eye Glass Book to Lion Linda. Lions Linda and Jim Gregory, and Lions Ray and Kay Braguglia will be working the Eye and Hearing Program this coming year.

I would like the members of the Newport News Host Lions Club to know it has been a real privilege to be your President this past 2 years. I appreciate all the help I have had from you all. You have gone above and beyond what I ever expected. We made great strides with Pediavision. It was the most important project to come along in our District in a long time that really spurred action and volunteer hours. Lion Ray Braguglia stepped up to become our new Treasurer when Lion Kenny Banton resigned. Lion Ray also stepped up to lead our Pediavision efforts at Patrick Henry Mall and various pre-schools throughout the city. Former Lion Terry Adkins and her husband Danny donated a lot of items for our yard sale. Lion Terry also assisted the Denbigh Lions Club with Pediavision.

One of the most important things that happened this year was the winning of the Traveling Leo Award along with the Lion Trophy that we can keep until next year. Lion Linda Gregory was instrumental in our winning this wonderful Trophy. She attended every one of the Traveling Leo's from Cape Charles to Rappahanock. It was a wonderful year. I hear that other clubs are already planning on taking the trophy from us. We had never won the Trophy and we will try to keep it going through this coming year. Traveling Leo's are really fun.

We enjoyed working with the District and DG Lion Donna Weiler. We were made to feel that we were important even though we are one of the smaller clubs. We are still something a club to be proud of. Our finances are beginning to look better and we will be working hard to gain new members this coming year.

This is my last message as President of the Newport News Host Lions Club. It has been a pleasure.