Sunday, July 17, 2011

Barbecue at the Braguglia's to start off the New Lions Year!

Lion President Linda Gregory
The first dinner meeting was held at the home of Lions Ray and Kay Braguglia's. The meeting started around 4 p.m. so if anyone wanted to go see fireworks later, it would be fine. Angelo's was closed for the holiday. There were hamburgers and hotdogs cooked on the grill. There was potato chips and salad, sauerkraut, baked beans, chocolate dessert, lots of cupcakes and ice cream. About the time everyone was finished eating, we had to jump up, pick up everything, and head for the house. The thunder and lightning was rolling in. There were about 7 guests, and we had a lovely time.
Lion Ray Duke
We had our Installation of Officers in the house. Lion Ray Duke officiated the proceedings.

Lion Ray Installing Lion Linda
 as our 79th President

Newport News Host Lions Club
New Officers for 2011-2012
Lion Linda Gregory - President
Lion Jimmy Gregory - Secretary
Lion Ray Braguglia - Treasurer
Vacant - Vice President
Lion Eddie Faulkner - 1 Year Director       
Lion Scott Brawley - 2 Year Director
Lion Ralph Simmons - Lion Tamer
Lion Secretary Jimmy Gregory
Lion Ray Duke - Tail Twister
Lion Earl Arrowood - Membership
Lion Barbara Duke - Immediate Past President 
Lions Linda & Jim Gregory - Lions Ray & Kay Braguglia - Sight & Hearing
Lion Barbara Duke - Newsletter, Blog, Environmental Chair
All Members - Ways and Means

Lion Earl Arrowood

Lion Tamer Ralph Simmons

Lion Treasurer Ray Braguglia
Lion Linda presenting Certificate to
Terry & Danny Adkins for donating
Items for our Yard Sale.

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